Bar Equipment Manufacturer | Supplier in Pune | India.

About Us

We design and manufacture bars for many of the top hotels, restaurants, bars, cafés and clubs - our clients, big and small, have one thing in common, they want a great working bar that looks fabulous! We continuously innovate how bars perform and have created many of the features now considered as industry standard. Our unique set of skills and experience ensures BAR CENTRAL continues to lead the market in the innovation and delivery of the World's best bars.

We work with architects and interior designers to deliver the aesthetics of the bar, using our vast knowledge and experience in a range of materials. In addition to our dedicated manufacture, we have strong relationships with suppliers, craftsmen and engineers that allow us to deliver an ever increasing portfolio of materials and finishes. Where we don't make it, we recommend the best equipment for the job, and when that's not available we design it.

Our in-house designers work closely with each of our clients from the initial bar design, through procurement and manufacture to installation. We have a huge wealth of experience and expertise to deliver challenging operational briefs within the existing or intended architectural context.